Community Name Service

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Community Name Service

Decentralized Community Subdomain Name for Wallet,
DAPP, and many more

Own an ENS, Claim Ownership, Assign Your Community Members

All ENS holders will be eligble to claim the CNS ownership, as well as the ability to create policy on who will be able to claim the CNS subdomains. Each member of the community will be eligible to mint 1 CNS Soul-bounded token, which can be used to map the ETH address to subdomain, social representation, and many more


Collective Entity with Utilities

Imagine representing your community while having the same utility as ENS domain simulteneously, CNS is built as an extension of ENS technology, allowing the user to be able to map their Ethereum address, transfer of cryptocurrency, user representation, and many more


CNS Soulbound NFT Token

Since our dedication toward the project is to promote the use-case of collective identity, CNS focuses on preserving the mapping toward each respective individual As a result, CNS has utilized the concept of SBT, turning the subdomain to be an untradeable ERC-721 token.

Community Name Service